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The idea

The idea

elite strom® currently operates 32 stores in total; from these the 21 are corporate ones and by penetrating to franchise model it estimates that within five years will be activated in all major Greek cities through the franchise network.

elite strom’s philosophy is to create ideal conditions for qualitative and ecological solutions on the vital need of sleep. elite strom® manufactures anatomic mattresses of innovative technology, has quality certificate ISO 9002 – 2015 and ISO 14001:2015 for...

elite strom’s philosophy is to create ideal conditions for qualitative, healthy and ecological solutions on the vital need of sleep

City exclusivity

1. Excellent expertise in stores operating
2. Possibility of selling professional equipment
3. Zero rate in royalties.
4. Free nationwide advertising.
5. Free floor test-bed models
6. Free printed information material (brochures, catalogs, etc.)
7. Ordering without stock goods


1. Wide range of mattresses of exceptional quality and durability, 10-year warranty.
2. Beds of any dimension, 10-year warranty
3. Exclusive representation of TEMPUR + SEALY
4. Bedroom accessories (bedside tables, chest of drawers, etc.).
5. Coverlets and pillows

What we expect from You

What we expect from You

We expect enthusiasm and will for work by people who love what they do and believe in good customer service. Their inclusion in a franchise system is derived from a conscious choice to be a business member of a verified and successful chain. They should properly and methodically apply the expertise and the franchisee services.


The franchisee’s success essentially depends on their will and capabilities. Without successful franchisees there is not a successful franchise. We expect to enhance your own store, based on your particular personality. Diversifying your own store from the competition is very significant factor conducive to its success.


The brand of elite strom® is already a warranty towards this direction. Your own skills, though, will provide your own store the unique service, the loyal customer, who is satisfied by the proper “value for money”, is looking for. We expect to become a creative link of network that will assist in rapid and successful development for the benefit of all.

Functional ideas

Low initial investment

An investment starts from 70,000 euros and includes the cost of establishing and tidying –up of a 150sq.m store along with its computerized equipment and original merchandise. The minimum staff of 2 persons is important for a store to operate comfortably maintaining, though, low operating costs.

Low operating cost

The size of an elite strom® store helps significantly in maintaining a lower cost. As expected, a store of 150 square meters has low renting due to the fact that there is not needed to be in a highly commercial market, but on a well-known commercial road easily accessed. Furthermore, it is easy to operate by the same franchisee.

Initial and continuous support

By experienced professionals in administering retail operation, committed to values of high customer satisfaction.


Initial and continuous education, technical sales seminars, instruction manuals and ongoing information regarding the product.

Marketing and advertising

The efficiency of a marketing plan or an advertising campaign is getting significantly increased under a unified form. The current advertising cost is already too elevated, if not prohibitive for separate stores and is expected to grow steadily. Nevertheless, the competition requires the disclosure of the existence of a new business. For this reason, elite strom® requires no advertising fee from the new partner, but the annual compulsory expense of 3% of his/her retail sales in local advertising.

Required space:

Central or semi-central position (min 150 sq.m), large storefront window or windows, at least 12m. The space should ideally be squared without obstacles.

Required time:

After signing the contract it takes about 60 days for the store to be prepared and the franchisee to be trained. In exceptional cases it can be extended to 90 days.
We believe that this information helped you to meet some of your initial queries. We remain at your disposal to help you make a successful integrated “elite strom®”. concept.


1. What is the basic provided training?

During his/her basic training, the franchisee will develop skills in the following fields: consumer handling, awareness of store operation, knowledge of product, placement of goods, displays, packing, computerization. Our goal is the licensee, by completing his training, to entirely operate his/her store. The period of time required to complete the initial training is min 3 weeks. By the end of the initial training a manual is provided containing all the details learned in that time.

2. How does a new store initiates operation?

The franchisee approves the store space. It directs the person concerned to open a store in a district attractive both for him/her and for the proper network development. Having been experienced in market prices he/she can also advise him/her on pricing or store rental. It may also suggest alternatives for the completion of construction, with extensive experience in development of corporate network.

3. Is there a special guide helping the franchise network in the daily store operation?

There’s an operating manual, which is comprehensively referred to each stage of an Elite strom store operation and organization.

4. Can i buy from another source?

No! elite strom provides through its stores products bearing its brand name, additionally to goods of firms it collaborates with.

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